My Purpose: Institutional Branding & Identity
Here at Journey of the Bohemians we specialize in storytelling through charm bracelets. Our name represents exactly who we are and who we represent: artists, voyagers, and wanderers that live unconventionally. As the Me Too movement began, we realized just how important it was for people to be able to speak up about their life experiences in a safe and creative way. Journey of the Bohemians does exactly this in that survivors of sexual exploitation can share their stories through our charms and wear them proudly wherever they go. 
Along with our charms, Journey of the Bohemians offers an app for survivors that directly correlates with their charm bracelets in that they can safely share their stories within a community of people with similar life experiences. I want to thank all of the powerful women in my life that inspired this project and I look forward to sharing more of my passions in the projects to come, thank you!
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